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Code:Eldersign - Skybreak "World Order" (極点超越編(コード:エルダーサイン) 破天<ワールドオーダー> Kōdo Erudāsain Haten Wārudo Ōdā), or World Order for short, is the thirty-ninth Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set and the fourth set in the Code:Eldersign storyline.



Each packs contain 7 cards and each boxes contain 10 packs. There are 93 cards in total + 60 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Normal: 24
  • Rare: 24
  • Super Rare: 12
  • Hologram Rare: 60 (holographic version of all Normal, Rare, and Super Rare)
  • Wonder Rare: 11
  • Shift Rare: 11
  • Mugen Rare: 6
  • Sol Rare: 2
  • Ultra Rare: 3

Special Privileges

See also: Reservation Campaign
  • Each cartons comes with the following benefits.
    • 1 Super Kira☆Kira Pack (always contain a random secret card)
    • 1 Z/X Point

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Red B39-001
Red B39-002
Red B39-003 Moonlight Fox Spirit, Ginko Z/X N
Red B39-004 Grimoire - Witch of Late Night Z/X N Ignition
Red B39-005 Grimoire - Thunder Lord of Purple Cloud Z/X N
Red B39-006 Grimoire - Fairy of Mountain Vapor Z/X R
Red B39-007 Grimoire Workshop of Wisdom, Therion Z/X SR
Red B39-008 Merry Christmas♪ Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X N Ignition
Red B39-009 New Year's Wish, Gandiva Z/X N
Red B39-010 "Transformant Advent" Cannon Shell Shift R
Red B39-011 Righteous Unlimited Boost, Izumo Miyakonojo Z/X R Token
Blue B39-012 Satellite 7da, Karos Z/X N
Blue B39-013 Satellite 7c5, Hyrcos Z/X N
Blue B39-014 Satellite 7c6, Hupple Z/X R Ignition
Blue B39-015 Satellite 7d3, Falcon Z/X SR
Blue B39-016 Fam. Bright DJ Z/X SR Evol Seed
Blue B39-017 Lagoon Flags, Morris Z/X N
Blue B39-018 Desire Breaker, Synchrotron Z/X N Ignition
Blue B39-019 Hanetsuki Promise, Frederica Z/X N
Blue B39-020 "Virtual Advent" Denebola Shift R
Blue B39-021 Swift Unlimited Boost, Nanao Shishishima Z/X R Token
White B39-022 Guild "Dawn", Ange the Respite Z/X N
White B39-023 Guild "Dawn", Elena the Affection Z/X R
White B39-024 Guild "Dawn", Rainier the Splendid Z/X SR
White B39-025 Snowflakes Sweetheart, K2 Z/X N
White B39-026
White B39-027 Incarnation of Horus, Ra the Prayer Beast Z/X SR
White B39-028 Fairy of Rink, Maine Coon Z/X N Ignition
White B39-029 "Radiant Saint Advent" Muriel Shift R
White B39-030 Dazzling Unlimited Boost, Misaki Yuzuriha Z/X R Token
White B39-031 Noble Unlimited Boost, Nina Shitori Z/X R Token
Black B39-032 Phantom Thieves "Dusk", Dozing Anasis Z/X N
Black B39-033 Phantom Thieves "Dusk", Nightdancing Cram Z/X R
Black B39-034 Phantom Thieves "Dusk", Cutting Mors Z/X SR
Black B39-035 Demon-Exorcising Ritual, Almotaher Z/X N
Black B39-036 Black Sword Ruler - Aspada the Assassin Dagger Z/X N Evol Seed
Black B39-037 Getting Serious from This Year? Nei Z/X N Ignition
Black B39-038 Smile in Verdure, Princess and Dragon Z/X N Ignition
Black B39-039 Dyed in Purple Flame, Princess and Dragon Z/X N
Black B39-040 Fluttering in Twilight, Princess and Dragon Z/X R
Black B39-041 Sparkling in Dark Night, Princess and Dragon Z/X SR
Black B39-042 From Beyond the Azure Event SR Ignition
Black B39-043 "Mystic Eye Advent" Invidia Shift R
Black B39-044 Prelude of the Impending Fate Z/X R Token
Black B39-045 Sonata of the Revolving Dreams Z/X R Token
Black B39-046 Rondo to the Wishing Infinity Z/X R Token
Green B39-047 Elements "Kamaitachi", Hayate Z/X SR
Green B39-048 Winter Trick, Feuille Z/X N
Green B39-049 Memorable Cultural Festival, Purity Z/X N Ignition
Green B39-050 Amusement Park of Memories, Purity Z/X R
Green B39-051 Overflowing Thoughts, Purity Z/X SR
Green B39-052 Patron's Feelings, Vesparose Z/X N Ignition
Green B39-053 "Magicane Advent" Basil Shift R
Green B39-054 Tough Unlimited Boost, Soma Kembuchi Z/X R Token
Red B39-056 Ciel, the "Schwarz" Z/X R Life Recovery
Red B39-057 Lots of Blessing, Ancelise Z/X R
Red B39-058 Present for Tierra Event R
Red B39-059 Released Heart, Ancelise & Ciel Event R
Red B39-060 Together Even After Ten Years, Ancelise & Ciel Z/X R Token
Red B39-061 "Magic Craft Altershift" Orichalcum Tyranno Shift SFR
Red B39-062 "Scarlet Bow Altershift" Gandiva Shift SFR
Blue B39-063 "Blade Heart Altershift" Synchrotron Shift SFR
Blue B39-064 "Teasing Love Altershift" Frederica Shift SFR
White B39-065 "Black Armor Altershift" K2 Shift SFR
White B39-066 "Chivalrous Thief Altershift" Maine Coon Shift SFR
Black B39-067 "Self Denial Altershift" Almotaher Shift SFR
Black B39-068 "Thirsting Desire Altershift" Nei Shift SFR
Green B39-069 "Beast Queen Altershift" Feuille Shift SFR
Green B39-070 "Lone Wasp Altershift" Vesparose Shift SFR
B39-071 Shift SFR
Red B39-072 Red Release, Orichalcum Tyranno Event WR
Red B39-073 Righteous Release, Gandiva Event WR
Blue B39-074 Swift Release, Synchrotron Event WR
Blue B39-075 Dear Release, Frederica Event WR
White B39-076 Dazzling Release, K2 Event WR
White B39-077 Noble Release, Maine Coon Event WR
Black B39-078 Tender Release, Almotaher Event WR
Black B39-079 Gloom Release, Nei Event WR
Green B39-080 Tough Release, Feuille Event WR
Green B39-081 Vibrant Release, Vesparose Event WR
Colorless B39-082 Transient Release, Yith Event WR
Red B39-083 Red Unlimited Boost, Sera Kurashiki Z/X MGNR Token
Blue B39-084 Dear Unlimited Boost, Yutaka Tenryu Z/X MGNR Token
Black B39-085 Tender Unlimited Boost, Yachiyo Kamiyugi Z/X MGNR Token
Black B39-086 Gloom Unlimited Boost, Kasuga Kurosaki Z/X MGNR Token
Green B39-087 Vibrant Unlimited Boost, Kisara Domeki Z/X MGNR Token
Colorless B39-088 Transient Unlimited Boost, Yith Z/X MGNR Token
Blue B39-089 Reason-Knowing Wisdom Zenith, Creator Sol Z/X SLR
Blue B39-090 Reason-Knowing Wisdom Zenith, Creator Sol Z/X SLR
B39-091 Two Yith ~Alone With You~ UR
Colorless B39-092 "Ultimate Shift" Primordial Dreams, Hastur Shift UR
B39-093 UR

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