Code:Cthulhu - Arcana Destiny (異姫夢装編(コード:クトゥルフ) 運命の交わる刻(アルカナ・ディスティニー) Kōdo Kuturufu Arukana Desutinī) is the thirtieth Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set and the third set in the Code:Cthulhu storyline.


  • The set's tagline is "It's the autumn of Z/X, let's enjoy it!" (ゼクスの秋だよ エンジョイしてようね!)
  • Shift cards now can be used with cards other than Z/X Overboost.
    • To accommodate the changes, the rate for Shift Rare cards included in the boxes will be increased further.
    • Shift cards in this set will have a tarot motif.
  • Introduces the new "App Rare" (アプリレア Apuri Rea) rarity that feature Z/X from the Z/X Code OverBoost mobile game. These cards possessed the special "Z/Xtend Drive!" (ゼクステンド・ドライブ! Zekusutendo Doraibu!) ability that can only be used once per game.
  • Includes another collaboration with "E☆2" magazine, this time featuring them as Black cards with illustration by Takuya Fujima. In addition, "Etsumin" IGOB support is also included in this set.
  • The theme for cards with "Enjoy Frame" in this set is "Z/X at work".


Each packs contain 7 cards and each boxes contain 10 packs. There are 86 cards in total + 69 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Normal: 26
  • Rare: 33
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Hologram Rare: 69 (holographic version of all Normal, Rare, and Super Rare)
  • App Rare: 5
  • Shift Rare: 12

Special Privileges

  • Each boxes will have one "Kira☆Kira Pack" included inside it. This pack will always contain a holographic card.

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Red B30-??? Rumored DJ, Kalavinka
Red B30-??? Passionate Golfer, Prism
Black B30-??? Blooming Requiem, Banshee Z/X AR
Black B30-??? Lily Maid, Lilie
Black B30-??? Seven Princesses of the Tombcastle - Fourth Princess, Saria
Green B30-??? Intelligent Doctor, Feuille
Colorless B30-??? Glory-Invading Crown, Nodens
B30-??? 【剣誓『恋人』】あづみ Shift
B30-??? 【剣誓『女帝』】ほのめ Shift
B30-??? 【剣誓『太陽』】さくら Shift
B30-??? 【剣誓『悪魔』】大和 Shift
B30-??? 【剣誓『刑死者』】相馬 Shift
B30-??? 【顕誓『楽宴創造』】シュブニ・グ Shift

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