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Code:Engage - Shift Infinity (誓約舞装編(コード:エンゲージ) 境界を断つ剣(シフト・インフィニティ) Kōdo Engēji Shifuto Infiniti) is the twenty-sixth Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set and the third set in the Code:Engage storyline.


  • The set's tagline is "I... I turned into Rigel!?" (わたし…リゲルになっちゃった!?)
  • Introduces the new "Shift" card type. "Shift" cards are placed on the top of "Z/X Overboost" as an addition that provides them with additional card name, color, tribe, and abilities.
  • Starting from this set, the amount of booster packs included in a box is reduced from 20 to 10 packs. In addition, the number of cards in the set list is also reduced to about two thirds of the usual number.
  • The theme for cards with "Enjoy Frame" in this set is fantasy.


Each packs contain 7 cards and each boxes contain 10 packs. There are 77 cards in total + 67 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Normal: 25
  • Rare: 32
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Hologram Rare: 67 (holographic version of all Normal, Rare, and Super Rare)
  • Shift Rare: 10

Special Privileges

See also: Reservation Campaign

First Edition Limited Set

The first edition limited set comes with the following promotional cards (1 of each card).

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Red B26-001 Throwing Axe Craftsman, Francisca Z/X N Ignition
Red B26-002 Goddess's Oracle, Himiko Z/X SR Ignition
Red B26-003 Assassin of the Dark Night, Kalavinka Z/X R Ignition
Red B26-004 Regicide Hero, Mordred Z/X N
Red B26-005 Six Birds of Extreme Graces, Sirena Z/X SR
Red B26-006 Goddess's Pet Bird, Gold Peacock Z/X N
Red B26-007 Crystalwing Gliding Beast, Tektite Draco Z/X N
Red B26-008 Keen Scholar, Gandiva Z/X R
Red B26-009 Mysterious Beam of Obliteration, Medjed Z/X R
Red B26-010 Awakened Sword of Purification, Ame-no-Murakumo Z/X EX R
Red B26-011 Wild Genesis Engage, Yasigi Z/X OB R Upper Part
Red B26-012 Wild Genesis Engage, Yasigi Z/X OB R Lower Part
Red B26-013 Yasigi, Pledge of the Wild Genesis Event N
Blue B26-014 Expert of Fleet Command, Frederica Z/X R Void Bringer
Blue B26-015 Encounter in the Seashore, Frederica Z/X N Start Card
Blue B26-016 Exaton Fist, Alcor Z/X N
Blue B26-017 XI Flags, Schubart Z/X SR
Blue B26-018 ε17 Strangeness Z/X N
Blue B26-019 Mysterious Armored Warrior, Synchrotron Z/X R
Blue B26-020 Transformed Prison, Panopticon Z/X N
Blue B26-021 Poster Girl of Secrets, Frederica Z/X SR
Blue B26-022 Undefeated Lady Knight, Rigel Z/X R
Blue B26-023 Godslayer Cavalry, Penetrate Z/X EX R
Blue B26-024 Destiny Mentor Engage, Polaris Z/X OB R Upper Part
Blue B26-025 Destiny Mentor Engage, Polaris Z/X OB R Lower Part
Blue B26-026 Polaris, Pledge of the Destiny Mentor Event N
White B26-027 Supreme Cuteness, Minuet Z/X R Life Recovery
White B26-028 Solitary Mercenary Cat, Zasshu Z/X N
White B26-029 Jet-Black Holy Beast, Aura Girimekhala Z/X N
White B26-030 Druid Living in the Forest, Sagarmatha Z/X R
White B26-031 Sacred Beast of Blessing, Aura Kesaran Z/X N
White B26-032 Celestial Dancer, Fierte Z/X R
White B26-033 Lawbringer, Shiramine Z/X N
White B26-034 Archmage of the Absolute Boundary, Aneto Z/X SR
White B26-035 Twin Polar Angel, Gabriel Z/X SR
White B26-036 God-Quelling Holy Armor, Noshaq Z/X EX R
White B26-037 Flare Link Engage, Lien Z/X OB R Upper Part
White B26-038 Flare Link Engage, Lien Z/X OB R Lower Part
White B26-039 Lien, Pledge of the Flare Link Event N
Black B26-040 Empress of Grudge, Skull Empress Z/X R
Black B26-041 Jester of the Tombcastle, Punire Z/X N Ignition
Black B26-042 Crimson Shackles, Fesseln Z/X N
Black B26-043 Beast Tamer, Crepus Z/X R
Black B26-044 Wonder Healer, Luxuria Z/X SR
Black B26-045 Arousing Devil, Cor Z/X N
Black B26-046 Waking Lily Doll, Lilie Z/X SR
Black B26-047 Sorcery of Dusk, Hexerei Z/X N Evol Seed
Black B26-048 Demon King of Calamity, Almotaher Z/X R
Black B26-049 Heaven-Awaking Flight, Merry-Go-Round Z/X EX R
Black B26-050 Sting Nail Engage, Crucifi Z/X OB R Upper Part
Black B26-051 Sting Nail Engage, Crucifi Z/X OB R Lower Part
Black B26-052 Crucifi, Pledge of the Sting Nail Event N
Green B26-053 Poltergeist Wasp Soldier, Bee Geist Z/X R Ignition
Green B26-054 Eight Precious Beauties - Fragrant Girl, Ylang-Ylang Z/X N Ignition
Green B26-055 Sadistic Hero, Eudi Z/X R
Green B26-056 New Five Chiefs - Were-Cavalier Z/X SR
Green B26-057 Two Handguns, Rindo Z/X R
Green B26-058 Coward Beastman, Were-Solenodon Z/X N
Green B26-059 Mellow Armor, Loquat Beetle Z/X N
Green B26-060 Cutie Maid, Misohagi Z/X SR
Green B26-061 Sakurakoji House All-Around Maid, Heliotrope Z/X N
Green B26-062 Immovable Super Mushroom Deity, Shimeji Z/X EX R
Green B26-063 Earth Trust Engage, Ayame Z/X OB R Upper Part
Green B26-064 Earth Trust Engage, Ayame Z/X OB R Lower Part
Green B26-065 Ayame, Pledge of the Earth Trust Event N
Colorless B26-066 "Love-Hate Blade Deity" Initial Zenith, Gilgamesh Shift R
Blue B26-067 "Affectionate Blade Deity" Primal Ocean, Nammu Shift R
Red B26-068 "Fated Shift" Fantasy Dream World, Dr. Chogasaki Shift SFR
Colorless B26-069 "Legendary Shift" Founding Flame Sword, Izanagi Shift SFR
Blue B26-070 "Fated Shift" Blue Star Princess, Rigel Shift SFR
Blue B26-071 "Fated Shift" Cyberbrain Lass, Denebola Shift SFR
White B26-072 "Turbid Shift" Fallen Wings, Uriel Shift SFR
Black B26-073 "Sinful Shift" Gluttonous Empress, Beelzebub Shift SFR
Black B26-074 "Extinction Shift" Mad Demon King, Satan Shift SFR
Colorless B26-075 "Pure Shift" Infinite Hope, Yachiyo Shift SFR
Green B26-076 "Fated Shift" Deep Green Empress, Chitose Shift SFR
White B26-077 "Fated Shift" Chastity Star, Hamaliel Shift SFR
Red B26-078 Waterside's Graceful Bird, Kalavinka Z/X PR Ignition
Blue B26-079 Ocean Dress, Rigel Z/X PR Ignition
Black B26-080 Heartscorching Sun, Crepus Z/X PR Ignition
Red B26-081 Fantasy Dream Engage, Honome Chogasaki Z/X OB OBR Upper Part
Blue B26-082 Blue Sky Engage, Azumi Kagamihara Z/X OB OBR Upper Part
Black B26-083 Fellow Blade Engage, Ayase Kamiyugi Z/X OB OBR Upper Part
Blue B26-084 Yutaka and Frederica, Oath to the Unknown Future Event R
White B26-085 Nina and Maine Coon, Oath to the Kitty Savior Event R
Green B26-086 Shana and Eudi, Oath to the Wonderful Life Event R
Red B26-087 Izumo Miyakonojo Player IGR
White B26-088 Misaki Yuzuriha Player IGR
Green B26-089 Chitose Aoba Player IGR

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