Code:Samsara - Mad Overlord (運命廻放編(コード:サンサーラ) 天魔神狂乱(マッド・オーバーロード) Kōdo Sansarā Maddo Ōbārōdo) is the twenty-third Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set and the fourth set in the Code:Samsara storyline. It was released at the same date with Character Pack - Miko of the Beginning.


  • The set's tagline is "Code:Samsara, the karmic showdown is here!" (運命廻放編、宿業の決戦ここに!) and "Bring it on, human!!" (かかって来なよ、ニンゲン!!)
  • The featured title for collaboration with Capcom in this set is Mega Man 2.


Each packs contain 7 cards and each boxes contain 20 packs. There are 111 cards in total + 105 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Normal: 50
  • Rare: 40
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Hologram Rare: 105 (holographic version of all Normal, Rare, Super Rare, and Capcom Rare)
  • Heroic Rare: 6
  • Capcom Rare: 5

Special Privileges

See also: Reservation Campaign
  • Each sealed packs comes with a Z/X Point.
  • Each boxes comes with a random set of 5 limited card sleeves (3 different design, initial production only).

First Edition Limited Set

The first edition limited set comes with the following promotional cards.

Free Card

The following Free Card Deck were distributed as a trial edition of the booster.

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Red B23-001 Unfettered Silver Fox, Yurugu Z/X N
Red B23-002 Black Knight of the Round Table, Gaheris Z/X N Start Card
Red B23-003 Refined Polish, Kodachi Z/X R Ignition
Red B23-004 Dark Gray Lizard, Titanium Komodo Z/X N Start Card
Red B23-005 Battle Flag Craftsman, Banner Z/X N
Red B23-006 White Mountain Spirit, Snowman Z/X N
Red B23-007 Flying Sword Craftsman, Shuriken Z/X N
Red B23-008 Flawless Hardness, Diamond Wolf Z/X R
Red B23-009 Red Flame Thunder, Crocoite Coyote Z/X N
Red B23-010 Six Birds of Extreme Graces, Semargl Z/X SR
Red B23-011 Goddess Falling in Love, Morrigan Z/X R
Red B23-012 Virtuous Butterfly Wife, Nohime Z/X N
Red B23-013 Motorcycle Craftsman, Scoot Z/X N
Red B23-014 Curve-Blade of Twin Dream, Shamshir Z/X N
Red B23-015 One Day Idol!? Kalavinka Z/X R
Red B23-016 Divine Tip of Distant Flight, Gandiva Z/X R
Red B23-017 Ancestral Spirit of Sky, Onyankopon Z/X R
Red B23-018 Goddess's Rest, Artemis Z/X R
Red B23-019 Akatsuki Jutten - Fazatan Haymana Z/X SR
Red B23-020 Gandiva and Izumo, Affirmative Bonds Event R
Blue B23-021 Moonlight Instrumentalist, Cathy Z/X N
Blue B23-022 Piece of Sky, Reda Z/X R Ignition
Blue B23-023 Spiral Transformation, Drum Gate Z/X N Start Card
Blue B23-024 Wave Rhythm, Wilson Z/X N
Blue B23-025 Performed Hope, Sarnas Z/X N
Blue B23-026 Red-Hot Transformation, Yttrium Z/X N
Blue B23-027 Elimination Machine, Dozer Z/X N
Blue B23-028 Battle Hero Moonlight Waltz, Gliese Z/X R
Blue B23-029 ε17 Quark u Z/X R
Blue B23-030 Smokescreen Machine, Smoke Z/X N
Blue B23-031 Guard of Virtue, Lawrencium Z/X R
Blue B23-032 Dreadnought Skyship, Tungsten Z/X N
Blue B23-033 Heroic Union, Darmstadtium Magna Z/X SR
Blue B23-034 Oldtype Magnon Z/X R
Blue B23-035 Key of the Memory Type.I "A-Z" Z/X SR
Blue B23-036 Crystalwave DJ, Eify Z/X N
Blue B23-037 Smashing Machine, Scrap Z/X N
Blue B23-038 Muddy Stream Machine, Storm Z/X R
Blue B23-039 Platinum Lyric, Regnier Z/X R
Blue B23-040 Lawrencium and Reia, Matchless Bonds Event R
White B23-041 Partner Revival, Mandalay Z/X N
White B23-042 White Flame Holy Beast, Aura Kaso Z/X R Ignition
White B23-043 Holy Shield, Argaeus Z/X N Start Card
White B23-044 Guardian Beast of Forest, Aura Kodama Z/X N
White B23-045 Wise Cat of Thievery, Maine Coon Z/X R
White B23-046 Body-Scorching Love, Marshall Z/X R
White B23-047 Selfish Caprice, Hanael Z/X N
White B23-048 Concluding Slash, Kuroashineko Z/X N
White B23-049 True Love, K2 Z/X SR
White B23-050 Deified Cat, Maine Coon Z/X SR
White B23-051 Ancient Sunbird, Aura Jatayu Z/X N
White B23-052 Holy Sword, Ardeshir Z/X N
White B23-053 Calamity Bind, Lien Z/X N
White B23-054 Ardent Knight of Righteousness, Sagarmatha Z/X R
White B23-055 Nine Lives, Mike Z/X R
White B23-056 Spirit Serpent of Blighted Leaves, Aura Aiatar Z/X R
White B23-057 Organization's Chauffeur, Aegean Z/X N
White B23-058 Lesser Angel of Pride, Servita Z/X R
White B23-059 Holy Beast of the Sea of Clouds, Aura Whale Z/X N
White B23-060 Maine Coon and Nina, Confucian Bonds Event R
Black B23-061 Relieved Soul, Specter Z/X N
Black B23-062 Fussing Noisy Z/X R Ignition
Black B23-063 Dark Cat of Misfortune, Pech Z/X N Start Card
Black B23-064 Portent of Wicked Stars, Astrologie Z/X R Life Recovery
Black B23-065 Merit Hunterbeast, Orden Z/X N
Black B23-066 Contagious Depravity, Korrupt Z/X R
Black B23-067 Persistent Spirit, Crepus Z/X R
Black B23-068 Librarian of the Tombcastle, Libra Z/X N
Black B23-069 Sharp-Horned Beast of the Mystic Bane, Knochen Z/X N
Black B23-070 Will-o'-Wisp That Shines in the Dark, Jack-o'-Lantern Z/X R
Black B23-071 The Luck Awaits in Dream, Solitus Z/X R
Black B23-072 Spiritist Shaman, Skull Shaman Z/X N
Black B23-073 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Fourbeater Z/X R
Black B23-074 Rotating Dance, Garrote Z/X N
Black B23-075 Doki-Doki★Patissiere, Kate Z/X SR
Black B23-076 Assassin of the Tombcastle, Stab Z/X N
Black B23-077 Corpse-Emperor of Desert, Skull Emperor Z/X N
Black B23-078 Royal Agent, White Queen Z/X N
Black B23-079 Four Wicked Stars - Hoelscher the Venomous Z/X SR
Black B23-080 Crepus and Yamato, Rugged Bonds Event R
Green B23-081 Desert Hurricane, Were-Rhim-Gazelle Z/X N
Green B23-082 Straying Cat Princess, Were-Cat Z/X SR
Green B23-083 Iron Claw of Arbor, Nekoshide Z/X R Ignition
Green B23-084 Apprentice Maid, Heliotrope Z/X N Start Card
Green B23-085 Water-Striding Stealth Bug, Ukigusa Strider Z/X N
Green B23-086 Downer Poet, Rowan Z/X N
Green B23-087 Happy Matchlock, Miyama Kirishima Z/X N
Green B23-088 Icewind Princess Butterfly, Shimobashira Parna Z/X R
Green B23-089 Love Beastman, Were-Red-Deer Z/X R
Green B23-090 Gold Warsteed, Gladiator Z/X N
Green B23-091 Natural Wisecrack, Eudi Z/X R
Green B23-092 Lonely Divine Rabbit, Were-Rabbit Z/X N
Green B23-093 Iron Fang of Assault, Inushide Z/X N
Green B23-094 Assassination Wasp Soldier, Black Cave Z/X R
Green B23-095 Lamenting Melody Princess, Verbena Z/X R
Green B23-096 White Snow Beastman, Were-Snow-Sheep Z/X N
Green B23-097 Black Beast Ruler, Barbary Z/X R
Green B23-098 Seizing Insect Sergeant, Onema Ashidaka Z/X N
Green B23-099 Absolute Sword of Samsara Genesis, Rindo Z/X SR
Green B23-100 Eudi and Shana, Carefree Bonds Event R
Red B23-101 Demon-Slaying Arrow, Gandiva Z/X EX HR
Blue B23-102 Super Infinite Regalia, Lawrencium Z/X EX HR
White B23-103 Artless Precation, Raphael Z/X EX HR
White B23-104 Prevailing "Creation", Lulu Z/X EX HR
Black B23-105 Dark Demonborn, Crepus Z/X EX HR
Green B23-106 Gather Round, Sakurakoji House! Z/X EX HR
Blue B23-107 Mega Man DLN-001 Z/X CR
Blue B23-108 Air Man DWN-010 Z/X CR
Blue B23-109 Crash Man DWN-013 Z/X CR
Blue B23-110 Heat Man DWN-015 Z/X CR
Blue B23-111 Wood Man DWN-016 Z/X CR
Red B23-112 Sera "Blazing Metamorphosis" Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X Z/XR
White B23-113 Asuka "Lightwing Metamorphosis" Fierte Z/X Z/XR
Black B23-114 Ayase "Moonlight Metamorphosis" Sieger Z/X Z/XR
White B23-115 The Mad Overlord, Gambiel Z/X EX UR
White B23-116 Wise Cat of Thievery, Maine Coon Z/X R
White B23-117 Maine Coon and Nina, Confucian Bonds Event R
Red B23-118 Izumo Miyakonojo Player IGR
Blue B23-119 Reia Sento Player IGR
White B23-120 Misaki Yuzuriha Player IGR
Black B23-121 Yamato Tennoji Player IGR
Green B23-122 Chitose Aoba Player IGR
Red B23-123 Demon-Slaying Arrow, Gandiva Z/X EX HR
Blue B23-124 Super Infinite Regalia, Lawrencium Z/X EX HR
White B23-125 Artless Precation, Raphael Z/X EX HR
White B23-126 Prevailing "Creation", Lulu Z/X EX HR
Black B23-127 Dark Demonborn, Crepus Z/X EX HR
Green B23-128 Gather Round, Sakurakoji House! Z/X EX HR
Blue B23-129 Key of the Memory Type.I "A-Z" Z/X SR
White B23-130 True Love, K2 Z/X SR
Green B23-131 Straying Cat Princess, Were-Cat Z/X SR

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