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Encounter with the Parallel Worlds (異世界(いせかい)との邂逅(かいこう) Isekai to no Kaikō) is the first Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set.


  • Released after the Free Card Decks, this is the first commercial product for Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG.
  • Introduces new abilities not shown in the Free Card Decks such as "Void Bringer".
  • Includes the Partner Z/X for the first five protagonists.


Each pack contain 7 cards and each box contain 20 packs. There are 100 cards in total + 100 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Common: 30
  • Uncommon: 30
  • Rare: 30
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Hologram Rare: 100 (holographic version of all Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Super Rare)

Special Privileges

Free Card

The following Free Card Deck were distributed as a trial edition of the booster.

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Red B01-001 Hound of Fate, Lailaps Z/X R Ignition
Red B01-002 Sword Craftsman, Ittou Z/X C Void Bringer
Red B01-003 Heat-Generating Coal, Coal Armadillo Z/X C
Red B01-004 Shining Gold, Gold Peacock Z/X R
Red B01-005 Queen of Desert, Cleopatra Z/X R Start Card
Red B01-006 Goddess of Hunting, Artemis Z/X R Ignition
Red B01-007 Divine Messenger of Sun, Yatagarasu Z/X C Life Recovery
Red B01-008 Forging Blacksmith, Forge Z/X C Start Card
Red B01-009 Black Horse of Conquest, Bucephalus Z/X R
Red B01-010 Unrivaled Talent, Ishida Mitsunari Z/X SR
Red B01-011 Tender Glass, Glass Elephant Z/X UC
Red B01-012 Nine Great Heroes, Alexander Z/X SR
Red B01-013 Flat-Out Run Iron Cavalry, Tank Heart Z/X UC
Red B01-014 Heavy Stone, Stone Turtle Z/X UC
Red B01-015 Dignified Divine Emperor, Augustus Z/X UC
Red B01-016 Indomitable Steel, Steel Leopard Z/X UC
Red B01-017 Imperator Judge Event C
Red B01-018 Champion's Tremor Spear Event R
Red B01-019 Exploding Coal Event UC
Red B01-020 Main Armament, Fire! Event C Ignition
Blue B01-021 Steel Castle, Astatine Z/X C Void Bringer
Blue B01-022 Erasure Machine, Erase Z/X C
Blue B01-023 Cymbal Player, Strauss Z/X R Start Card
Blue B01-024 Steel Castle, Technetium Z/X C Life Recovery
Blue B01-025 City Guard, Phecda Z/X C Start Card
Blue B01-026 Erasure Machine, Void Z/X R Ignition
Blue B01-027 Meteor Sword, Spica Z/X R Ignition
Blue B01-028 γ-S02 Alioth Z/X R
Blue B01-029 Steel Castle, Europium Z/X UC
Blue B01-030 Erasure Machine, Delete Z/X UC
Blue B01-031 Calm Evening Diva, Smetina Z/X R
Blue B01-032 Electronic Appliance Union, Tantalum Z/X UC
Blue B01-033 Performer Voice, Vival Z/X R
Blue B01-034 Sword Sniper, Rigel Z/X SR
Blue B01-035 τ-A03 Aspidiske Z/X UC
Blue B01-036 Castle of the Speed of Sound, Darmstadtium Z/X SR
Blue B01-037 Scientific Development Event C
Blue B01-038 Comet Shoot Event C
Blue B01-039 Soaring Racing Shoot Event R
Blue B01-040 Sonata of Return Event UC Ignition
White B01-041 Lawbringer, Distaghil Z/X C Void Bringer
White B01-042 Part of Fate Revolution, Lilliel Saotome Z/X R Start Card
White B01-043 Holy Beast, Aura Pegasus Z/X C Life Recovery
White B01-044 Pot-Selling Siamese Z/X C Start Card
White B01-045 Absconding Maine Coon Z/X R Ignition
White B01-046 Lawbringer, Dhaulagiri Z/X R Ignition
White B01-047 Lien the Bonds Z/X R
White B01-048 Holy Beast, Aura Phoenix Z/X UC
White B01-049 Cheerful Burmese Z/X UC
White B01-050 Lawbringer, Shishapangma Z/X UC
White B01-051 Sagesse the Wisdom Z/X UC
White B01-052 Holy Beast, Aura Byakko Z/X C
White B01-053 Lawbringer, Batura Z/X SR
White B01-054 Admiration the Longing Z/X UC
White B01-055 Lawbringer, Ushba Z/X R
White B01-056 Fierte the Pride Z/X SR
White B01-057 Arrogant Light Wall Event C
White B01-058 Angelic Light Attack Event UC
White B01-059 Revenge Force Event C
White B01-060 Dazzling Saint Aura Event R
Black B01-061 Devil of Seduction, Lascivus Z/X C
Black B01-062 Wandering Head Crusher Z/X C Void Bringer
Black B01-063 Fanged Bone Dog, Bone Keeper Z/X R Start Card
Black B01-064 Chain of Death, Kette Z/X C Start Card
Black B01-065 Devil of Lament, Maeror Z/X R Ignition
Black B01-066 Devil of Misfortune, Miseria Z/X R Ignition
Black B01-067 Merry-Go-Round Horse Z/X C Life Recovery
Black B01-068 Powerful Swing, Sting Beat Z/X UC
Black B01-069 Flaying Iron Maiden Z/X R
Black B01-070 Quadruped Victor, Sieger Z/X SR
Black B01-071 Sure-Kill Arrow, Pfeil Z/X UC
Black B01-072 Devil of Hatred, Odium Z/X SR
Black B01-073 Bone Shark, Skeletal Shark Z/X UC
Black B01-074 Conjugated Hollow Giant, Huge Corpse Z/X R
Black B01-075 Devil of Despair, Desperatio Z/X UC
Black B01-076 Dark Bishop, Skeletal Bishop Z/X UC
Black B01-077 Dark Moon Event C
Black B01-078 Curse Diffusion Event C
Black B01-079 Awakening of Devil Event UC
Black B01-080 Moonlight Funeral Fang Event R Ignition
Green B01-081 Cherry Blossom Butterfly, Full Blossom Z/X C Void Bringer
Green B01-082 Beastman, Were-Bear Z/X R Start Card
Green B01-083 Caretaking Flax Z/X C Start Card
Green B01-084 Rose Helmet, Wild Rose Z/X R Ignition
Green B01-085 Wild Sickle and Chain, Housenka Z/X R Ignition
Green B01-086 Expert of Future, Tanpopo Z/X C Life Recovery
Green B01-087 Beastman, Were-Koala Z/X UC
Green B01-088 Easygoing Rurijissa Z/X UC
Green B01-089 King of Beasts, Were-Lion Z/X R
Green B01-090 Tidy Lemon Balm Z/X UC
Green B01-091 Beastman, Were-Antler Z/X C
Green B01-092 Graceful Naginata, Ayame Z/X SR
Green B01-093 Morning Glory Mantis, Glory Scythe Z/X UC
Green B01-094 Sword Warrior, Rindo Z/X SR
Green B01-095 Powerful Pike, Kakitsubata Z/X UC
Green B01-096 Giant Beast, Were-Rhino Z/X R
Green B01-097 Military Emperor's Sword Flash Attack Event R
Green B01-098 Unify Earth Event C
Green B01-099 Good Night Event C
Green B01-100 Green Erosion Event UC
Red B01-101 Hero of World Destruction, Oda Nobunaga Z/X Z/XR
White B01-102 Seraph of Arrival, Michael Z/X Z/XR
Black B01-103 Fallen Angel of Grief, Lucifer Z/X Z/XR

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