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Code:Dingir - Chain Betrayal (真神降臨編(コード:ディンギル) 裏切りの連鎖(チェイン・ビトレイアル) Kōdo Dingiru Chein Bitoreiaru) is the seventeenth Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set and the second set in the Code:Dingir storyline.


  • The set's tagline is "—The fate of those who side with the Gods starts to get out of order—" (―神に与する者達の運命が狂い出す―)
  • Features "Kisara Domeki" and a new "Vesparose" card.
  • Includes further support for the new system, "Dynamis".
  • In order to accommodate the Sealed Battle, the rarity of Cost 3 Z/X with no ability is changed to Common.
  • Random "Chain Betrayal" packs may contain all Hologram Rare cards with one each of the 5 Z/X Rare from this set inside the pack.[1]
  • Includes special cards signed by Yūki Ono (Lawrencium) and Yui Makino (Crepus).


Each packs contain 7 cards and each boxes contain 20 packs. There are 100 cards in total + 100 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Common: 30
  • Uncommon: 30
  • Rare: 30
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Hologram Rare: 100 (holographic version of all Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Super Rare)

Special Privileges

First Edition Limited Set

In addition to regular boxes, this set is also sold in a first edition limited set with special illustration by gin. It costs 8000 JPY (before tax) and comes with the following limited contents.

  • 2 card loader
  • 2 "Sieger♪Vacation" promotional cards (Hologram Rare)
  • Sleeve (65 pieces)
  • Card box

Free Card

The following Free Card Deck were distributed as a trial edition of the booster.

Short Story

This set is accompanied by the following short stories.

  • side. SAKURA
  • side. KISARA
  • side. URIEL
  • side. NANAYA

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Red B17-001 Akatsuki Jutten - Yaqtulu Ghaira Z/X SR
Red B17-002 Ember Slash of Karmic Flame, Ryuubi Z/X UC
Red B17-003 Sun Destroyer Serpent, Apophis Z/X R
Red B17-004 Thunderstrike Serpent, Vritra Z/X R Void Bringer
Red B17-005 "Anastasis" Divine Bow, Gandiva Z/X R Ignition
Red B17-006 Crimson Blaze Dragon, Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X R Ignition
Red B17-007 Pink Bird of Divine Love, Chrosite Flamingo Z/X C Start Card
Red B17-008 Ruler of Divine Spirits, Solomon Z/X R Life Recovery
Red B17-009 Demon Princess of Separation, Suzuka Gozen Z/X C Ignition
Red B17-010 "Anastasis" Armor Artisan, Reinforce Z/X C
Red B17-011 "Windfall" Fairy, Peri Z/X C
Red B17-012 Six Brilliant Creators, Sudarshana Z/X SR
Red B17-013 Splendorous Rock Smash, Kalavinka Z/X UC
Red B17-014 "Skypath" Passion Gem, Heliolite Sunbird Z/X UC
Red B17-015 "Windfall" Flashfoot, Sleipnir Z/X UC
Red B17-016 Blue River Gem of Divine Rest, Azurite Shrike Z/X UC
Red B17-017 "Anastasis" Sword Artisan, Caliburnus Z/X UC
Red B17-018 Sadistic Civil Lord, Souhi Z/X C
Red B17-019 Sterngate "Severity", Igalima Z/X EX R
Red B17-020 Asbu-Kabtu Event C
Blue B17-021 Glamorous Divine Performer, Jimmy Z/X R Void Bringer
Blue B17-022 Expansible Transformation, Thunder Gate Z/X R Life Recovery
Blue B17-023 Divine Judgment Machine, Ruling Z/X UC Ignition
Blue B17-024 Improvised Keyboardist, Sarnas Z/X C Ignition
Blue B17-025 Clay Sacred Horse, Honey-Ba Z/X C Start Card
Blue B17-026 Fraga Machina, Rigel Z/X SR Ignition
Blue B17-027 Brain of Great Justice Z/X R Ignition
Blue B17-028 "Authority" Resonator, VY Z/X UC
Blue B17-029 Transformed Art, Moma Z/X UC
Blue B17-030 "Primalsea" Singer, Hector Z/X R
Blue B17-031 "Cadence" Crushing Machine, Millstone Z/X UC
Blue B17-032 Archcommander, Megrez Z/X UC
Blue B17-033 Nirvana Eternal Performer, Celt Z/X C
Blue B17-034 Heart of Great Justice Z/X R
Blue B17-035 False Justice, Altair Z/X SR
Blue B17-036 "Cadence" Projectile Machine, Charge Z/X C
Blue B17-037 "Cadence" Burning Machine, Blaster Z/X C
Blue B17-038 "Primalsea" Rower, Liszt Z/X UC
Blue B17-039 Revered "Starsea", Ningal Z/X EX R
Blue B17-040 Amarubaurrata Event C Ignition
White B17-041 Observation the Divine Look Z/X R Void Bringer
White B17-042 Aegis Shield, Toubkal Z/X C Start Card
White B17-043 Gatekeeper of Royal Palace, Devon Rex Z/X C Ignition
White B17-044 Holy Beast of the Divine Web, Aura Spider Z/X R Ignition
White B17-045 Holy Beast, Aura Antelope Z/X R Life Recovery
White B17-046 Runaway Ex-Henchman, Kijitora Z/X UC
White B17-047 "Nobility" August Sword, Ben Nevis Z/X UC
White B17-048 "Creation" Worshiper, Pelerinage Z/X C
White B17-049 Manifester of Gospel, Phosflamme Z/X R
White B17-050 Real Face for You, Aneto Z/X SR
White B17-051 Holy Beast, Aura Serpent Z/X UC
White B17-052 "Creation" Igniter, L'Ignition Z/X C
White B17-053 Nine Lives, Wire Z/X SR
White B17-054 Sneering Jester, Cheshire Z/X R
White B17-055 "Nobility" August Shield, Shankar Z/X C
White B17-056 "Adjudication" Interrogator, Aura Owl Z/X UC
White B17-057 "Creation" Mania, Frenetique Z/X UC
White B17-058 Boundless "Banquet", Ninkasi Z/X EX R
White B17-059 Invaluable Joy Event UC
White B17-060 Sikaru-Bi-kal-Kassagasaan Event C
Black B17-061 Divine Punishment Finger-Biter, Thumbscrew Z/X C
Black B17-062 "Covenant" Mystic Bane, Knochen Z/X C
Black B17-063 Bone Dolphin Z/X R Void Bringer
Black B17-064 Girl of Doubt, Akazukin Z/X R Life Recovery
Black B17-065 Winding Garrote Z/X C Ignition
Black B17-066 Eroding Depravity, Korrupt Z/X C Start Card
Black B17-067 Corpse Mother of Grief, Llorona Z/X UC Ignition
Black B17-068 "Disease" Deacon, Diacon Z/X C
Black B17-069 Watchwolf of the Mourngate, Pfortner Z/X UC
Black B17-070 Emissary of Lust, Passioni Z/X SR
Black B17-071 "Covenant" Mystic Eye, Augen Z/X R
Black B17-072 "Covenant" Mystic Crystal, Kristall Z/X UC
Black B17-073 "Flicker" Sacrificial Table, Altar Z/X UC
Black B17-074 "Disease" Evangelist, Plague Z/X UC
Black B17-075 Three Stygian Maids - Crucifixion Doll, Crucifi Z/X SR
Black B17-076 Affectionate Embrace, Luxuria Z/X R
Black B17-077 Divine Wings of Dusk, Crepus Z/X R
Black B17-078 Flailing "Steelhammer", Shulshagana Z/X EX R
Black B17-079 Taharu-Tamu Event C Ignition
Black B17-080 Protector's Pride Event UC
Green B17-081 Turn the Divine Key, Aquilegia Z/X R Void Bringer
Green B17-082 Ceremonial Sword of Happiness, Orizururan Z/X R Life Recovery
Green B17-083 Beastman, Were-Red-Panda Z/X C Ignition
Green B17-084 Divine Tribute Troops, Army Ant Z/X C Start Card
Green B17-085 Evader of Divine Hardship, Oleander Z/X R Ignition
Green B17-086 "Affection" Umbrella, Hydrangea Z/X UC
Green B17-087 Disguised Beastman, Were-Lupus Z/X C
Green B17-088 Beastman, Were-Chihuahua Z/X C
Green B17-089 Divine Tribute Wasp Soldier, Tribute Carrier Z/X R
Green B17-090 "Fertility" Sower, Karakaede Z/X C
Green B17-091 Canna the Erupting Delusion Z/X UC
Green B17-092 God-Cutting Dragon King, Nanda Z/X SR
Green B17-093 Solitary Vagabond, Feuille Z/X R
Green B17-094 "Fertility" Cultivator, Enishida Z/X UC
Green B17-095 "Sunshine" Webhorn, Feather Horn Z/X UC
Green B17-096 "Sunshine" Hunter, Tarantula Hawk Z/X C
Green B17-097 Four Insect Sovereigns - Slavery Queen, Vesparose Z/X SR
Green B17-098 Overlooking Bainesii Z/X UC
Green B17-099 Silver Moon "Phantasm", Nannal Z/X EX R
Green B17-100 Eperu-Gis-Kakkabu Event UC Ignition
Red Green B17-101 Rising "Anastasis", Nanaya Z/X EX Z/XR
Blue Red B17-102 Flooding "Cadence", Tiamat Z/X EX Z/XR
White Black B17-103 Inexhaustible "Creation", Lulu Z/X EX Z/XR
Black Blue B17-104 Unbending "Covenant", Zababa Z/X EX Z/XR
Green White B17-105 Valorous "Sunshine", Shamash Z/X EX Z/XR
Blue B17-106 Brain of Great Justice Z/X CVR Ignition
Black B17-107 Divine Wings of Dusk, Crepus Z/X CVR
Green B17-108 Shana Sakurakoji Player IGR
Blue B17-109 Guide of Fate, Chloe Z/X UR


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