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Battleground of the Shrine Maidens (神子達(かみこたち)戦場(いくさば) Kamikotachi no Ikusaba) is the eleventh Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set.



Each packs contain 7 cards and each boxes contain 20 packs. There are 100 cards in total + 100 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Common: 30
  • Uncommon: 30
  • Rare: 30
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Hologram Rare: 100 (holographic version of all Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Super Rare)

Special Privileges

See also: Booster 11 Shop Privileges

Free Card

The following Free Card Deck were distributed as a trial edition of the booster.

Short Story

This set is accompanied by the following short stories.

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Red B11-001 Hidden Weapon Craftsman, Ryusei Z/X R Void Bringer
Red B11-002 Gold Rutile, Rutile Wing Z/X UC Life Recovery
Red B11-003 Small Arms Craftsman, Rifle Z/X R Ignition
Red B11-004 Dawn's Advice, Gullinkambi Z/X UC Start Card
Red B11-005 S-Class Mechanic, Hindenburg Z/X UC
Red B11-006 Agile Tourmaline, Tourmaline Wolf Z/X C
Red B11-007 Sharp Aragonite, Aragonite Sea Hare Z/X C
Red B11-008 Workless Solar Deity, Amaterasu Z/X C
Red B11-009 Coated Knight, Gawain Z/X C
Red B11-010 Goddess of Silver Wheel, Arianrhod Z/X R
Red B11-011 Robust Steel, Steel Grizzly Z/X R Evol Seed
Red B11-012 Glorious Scarlet Spear, Lord Crimson Z/X SR
Red B11-013 Demon King of Wind, Pazuzu Z/X R
Red B11-014 Unleashed Wings, Icarus Z/X C Evol Seed
Red B11-015 Mighty Bear Warrior, Sakata no Kintoki Z/X UC
Red B11-016 Flying Beryl, Beryl Squirrel Z/X R
Red B11-017 Graceful Exquisite Voiced Bird, Kalavinka Z/X SR
Red B11-018 Gale Blaster Storm Event UC Evol Seed
Red B11-019 Step on the Cat Event C
Red B11-020 Aegis Reflection Event UC
Blue B11-021 Circular Flower Tune, Amy Z/X UC Void Bringer
Blue B11-022 Quick Analysis, Mirfak Z/X R Life Recovery
Blue B11-023 Transformed Gourmet, Magnesium Z/X UC Start Card
Blue B11-024 Rampage Machine, Rampage Z/X R Ignition
Blue B11-025 Compressor Machine, Squeeze Z/X R
Blue B11-026 Original XIII Type.III "Ch05Al" Z/X SR
Blue B11-027 String Melody, Henriette Z/X C
Blue B11-028 Strongest Haniwa King, Honey-One Z/X UC Evol Seed
Blue B11-029 Star Princess, Alhena Z/X UC
Blue B11-030 Great Minigun, Birdun Z/X C
Blue B11-031 Supreme Golden Shachi Castle, Nagoyan Z/X C
Blue B11-032 Enthusiastic DJ, Giulio Z/X UC
Blue B11-033 Roaring Union, Neodymium Z/X R
Blue B11-034 Throwing Tomahawk, Caph Z/X R
Blue B11-035 Transformed Game Center, Rubidium Z/X UC
Blue B11-036 Hunting Machine, Hunting Z/X C Evol Seed
Blue B11-037 Everlasting Helix, Helical Fort Z/X SR
Blue B11-038 Double Spark Termination Event UC Evol Seed
Blue B11-039 Twilight of Justice, and Its Dawn Event R Ignition
Blue B11-040 Being Praised! Event C
White B11-041 Guardian Holy Beast of the Sanctuary, Aura Anubis Z/X R Void Bringer
White B11-042 Evilbane, Broad Peak Z/X R Ignition
White B11-043 Holy Beast, Aura Izuna Z/X UC Start Card
White B11-044 Lawbringer, Kongur Z/X UC Life Recovery
White B11-045 Evilbane, Wilhelm Z/X C
White B11-046 Holy Beast, Aura Mushussu Z/X R
White B11-047 Riding Through the World, Somali Z/X UC Evol Seed
White B11-048 Plaisir the Pleasure Z/X C
White B11-049 Evilbane, Logan Z/X R
White B11-050 Kagura Miko, Ocicat Z/X C
White B11-051 Flashing Meteor Kick, Tirich Mir Z/X C Evol Seed
White B11-052 Glittering Skyflash, Innocent Star Z/X SR
White B11-053 Idee Genial the Good Idea Z/X R
White B11-054 Pionnier the Forerunner Z/X C
White B11-055 Harmonic Star Hammer, Marteau Z/X UC
White B11-056 Audacious King, Mike Z/X R
White B11-057 Angel of the End, Azazel Z/X SR
White B11-058 Northern Cross Maelstrom Event C Evol Seed
White B11-059 Two Loyalty Event UC
White B11-060 Won't You Give It Meow Event UC
Black B11-061 Unexpected Ambush, Hinterhalt Z/X UC Void Bringer
Black B11-062 Devil of Bath, Balnea Z/X UC Life Recovery
Black B11-063 Leaping Ace Attacker Z/X R Ignition
Black B11-064 Rolling Clock Gear Z/X UC Start Card
Black B11-065 Starving Fang, Schmerz Z/X UC
Black B11-066 Sizzling Becky Z/X SR
Black B11-067 Hatmaker of the Wonderland, Mad Hatter Z/X R Evol Seed
Black B11-068 Mysterious Raid Beast, Guerilla Krieg Z/X C
Black B11-069 Crazed Skeleton, Bone Rocker Z/X C
Black B11-070 Devil of Darkness, Tenebra Z/X C
Black B11-071 Springing Crocodile Shear Z/X R
Black B11-072 Devil of Nightmare, Incubus Z/X C
Black B11-073 Mad Founder, Fanatic Z/X UC Evol Seed
Black B11-074 Drown Spirit, Rusalka Z/X C
Black B11-075 Irreconcilable Darkness, Realm Razer Z/X SR
Black B11-076 Alice of the Eccentric World Z/X R
Black B11-077 Ecdallion the Fallen Darkness Z/X R
Black B11-078 Feelings That Pass Each Other Event UC Ignition
Black B11-079 Mold Weathering Event R Evol Seed
Black B11-080 Break Ace Event C
Green B11-081 Enjoying New Year, Chamomile Z/X UC Void Bringer
Green B11-082 Shrine-Visiting Sheep Girl, Were-Sheep Z/X R Life Recovery
Green B11-083 Medical Doctor, Cresson Z/X UC Start Card
Green B11-084 Little Big Soldier, Caucasus Z/X R Ignition
Green B11-085 Splendid Expert, Hyakujitsukou Z/X C Evol Seed
Green B11-086 Beastman, Were-Reindeer Z/X UC
Green B11-087 Verbena's Fans Leader, Were-Capybara Z/X C Evol Seed
Green B11-088 Erratic Paddle, Goyoumatsu Z/X C
Green B11-089 Sweet Idol, Verbena Z/X C
Green B11-090 Five Chiefs - Swiftfoot Brawler, Were-Panther Z/X SR
Green B11-091 Brilliant Throwing, Mokuren Z/X UC
Green B11-092 Lively Zanbato, Nazuna Z/X R
Green B11-093 Gallnut Spider, Venom Tarantula Z/X C
Green B11-094 Snowball Fighting, Were-Cat Z/X UC
Green B11-095 Scattered Pollen, Butakusa Moth Z/X R
Green B11-096 Gapless Sword and Gun, Shirakaba Z/X UC
Green B11-097 Earth's Nail, Noble Grove Z/X SR
Green B11-098 War-Dispelling Izayoi Moon Event UC
Green B11-099 Butterfly Domination Event C Evol Seed
Green B11-100 Magnificent Snowflakes Event R
Blue B11-101 Administrator Altair Z/X Z/XR
Black B11-102 Unprecedented Calamity, Beelzebub Z/X Z/XR
Green B11-103 Demon-Conquering Dragon King, Utpalaka Z/X Z/XR
Red B11-104 Red Dragon Miko, Meiraru Player IGR
Blue B11-105 Blue Dragon Miko, Yui Player IGR
White B11-106 White Dragon Miko, Nino Player IGR
Black B11-107 Black Dragon Miko, Barahara Player IGR
Green B11-108 Green Dragon Miko, Kushuru Player IGR
Red B11-109 Honome Chogasaki Player IGR
Green B11-110 Green Dragon Miko, Kushuru Player CVR
Red B11-111 Honome Chogasaki Player CVR
B11-112 Carl Wyvern Player IGR
Green B11-113 Kisara Domeki Player IGR

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