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Black Sword (黒剣 Kokken) is a group of Tortures and Nosferatu "hybrids", created as mass-produced version of the Eight Souls of the Black Sword.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Mass-produced version of the "Eight Souls of the Black Sword", life shearers created by Hydra Foundation. Likewise, they are "soul" of Nosferatu—beings that unable to sever their attachments to life—that dwells inside Tortures "container".

They harvest lives while scattering miasma, and continue to devote themselves to the superior existence covered in resentful souls that was born at the end of negative chain. Until the day that a perfect "deadliest Nosferatu in history" was born—

It is a reckless action by the Seven Deadly Sins of Sloth, who has lost his temper in the scandal of being overtaken by two Z/X that possessed the "Most Evil" title in the Red World.

"21 January 2021" addition

At the other day, a "female-type red unique specimen" not under the control of Dagon Cartel, who is being responsible for their operation, was sighted.

The mass-produced Black Swords was tested at the Tombcastle and Exorcision War under the directions of the Seven Deadly Sins of Sloth. However, they were simultaneously withdrawn at the same time when the unique specimen appeared. They later stormed into the Blue World and White World. Although the Seven Deadly Sins of Sloth himself have an ambition for invasion, he didn't issued any directions for it since he didn't made any concrete plans before.

They began massacre of humans in the Blue World and White World that has suffered enormous damage from Exorcision War. Accomplishing the "goal" that seemed to be impossible to achieve now suddenly becomes more realistic.


Name Cost Power
Black Sword Soldier - Driving Rigand 3 4500
Black Sword Soldier - Crawling Meneo 4 6000
Black Sword Soldier - Smashing Grieta 5 7500
Black Sword Soldier - Twirling Girar 5 7500
Black Sword Ruler - Doble the Twin Master 7 10500
Black Sword Soldier - Exerting Sacudir 3 4500
Black Sword Soldier - Tearing Romper 4 4500
Black Sword Soldier - Crushing Aplastar 6 7500
Black Sword Ruler - Avance the Marcher 7 10500
Black Sword Soldier - Charging Inmersion 5 10500
Black Sword Corporal - Experto the Skilled 2 1000
Black Sword Dragon - Ganador the Vicious 6 9000
Black Sword Dragonsoldier - Mowing Hacha 7 10500

In addition, all members of "Eight Souls of the Black Sword" as well as the original Black Sword and one additional card are technically counted as part of this group.

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