Black Box Opening Campaign (神の箱(ブラックボックス)開封キャンペーン) is a special event to commemorate the release of Booster 12: Doll Princess of the Demonic Poison.

Notably, this event was not announced in the official site. It was announced by individual shop instead. Player may obtain a special "Mikado Kurosaki" promotional card as the participation prize from this event. The promotional cards also comes as a "giant card" which is 4 times the size of a regular cards.

Promotional Cards

Color Number Name Type
Red P12-016 Mikado Kurosaki Z/X
Blue P12-017 Mikado Kurosaki Z/X
White P12-018 Mikado Kurosaki Z/X
Black P12-019 Mikado Kurosaki Z/X
Green P12-020 Mikado Kurosaki Z/X
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