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Benihime (紅姫 Benihime) is the late descendant of Chitose Aoba from the Green World.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Descendant of Hourai "Chitose" (Chitose Aoba who advanced into the Green World), who established the Millennium Land in order to oppose the invasion of Plasect and the growth of Great Tree Yggdrasil. She is also a childhood friend of Rindo.

She was raised as an ordinary village girl, but the increasing activities of Plasect led by the Four Insect Sovereigns prompted her to move to the front line. She was compassionate, and possessed the ability to attract the others, although she was not particularly excellent at it.

After flourished for a long time, Millennium Land was eventually attacked by a swarm of Plasect under the command of Hell Thorn, and vanished in just one night. Benihime lost her life as well. The fall of Millennium Land secured the destruction of Green World.

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