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Battle Dress (バトルドレス Batoru Doresu) are one of the four Tribes from the Blue World.

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In companies and businesses in the Blue World, they have built powered suits of various patterns and designs that were once thought impossible, and among them, the ones designed for battle are known as Battle Dress. They are operated using brain waves, and can move independently of their wearers.

Because of the nearly infinite variety, there are no two designs that look alike. For girls, there are gorgeous suits, for guys, their suits come with ornate designs that give off an air of royalty, and naturally, there are some women who prefer the male suits, but those who do have to worry about various prejudices and preconceptions. There are powered suits with extremely high quality that normal humans can wear as well, but since they must be custom-made for the user, their versatility is much lower than normal.

Recent models of the Battle Dress are said to bring out the full potential of their users, from athletic strength to vision to hearing, and are often equipped to human clones that have been turned into cyborgs.

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