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Azathoth Group (鮮刀子集団 Azatōsu Shūdan, 鮮刀子 literally means "Fresh Knife") is a member of the Knights of the Round Table.

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One of the companies that formed the Round Table.

Their outer face is that of a huge grain trading company based in Hong Kong, it's said that they are the descendants of a group of feng shui geomancers that traces its way back to the era of Jin dynasty.

During the Cold War, they worked with the Hydra Foundation in order to manipulate the weather using the art of feng shui. In doing so they caused famines across the globe, allowing them to force their competitors out of business, which let them buy up those companies' assets. After the Cold War, they caused abnormal weather all across the globe arbitrarily in order to starve people, allowing their business to profit.

They tried to expand their influence to Japan during the Yuan dynasty, but ended up being blocked by a group of onmyoji called "Domeki", ever since then, they've been in a long lasting bloody feud with the Domeki Foundation for several hundreds of years.

The attribute of their mask is "Gula (gluttony)".

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