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Atlach-Nacha (アトラクナクア Atoraku Nakua) is a member of the Knights of the Round Table.

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One of the companies that formed the Round Table.

Known through out the world to the public as the "Luxuria Group" based in Paris, France, who are the industry leader in jewelry, they run model agencies and entertainment firms, allowing them to dominate the world of beauty due to the beautiful women they've gathered from all over the world.

But in truth, they're the assassins known as "Atlach-Nacha", who consist of only women, and have been making weapons out of women from behind the scenes since the 15th Century. Enchanted by their smell and loveliness, the total number of pathetic influential men that have been buried in the darkness by them is still unknown to this day.

The attribute of their mask is "Luxuria (lust)".

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