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Astral (星界 Seikai, literally means "Star World") is a location in the story of Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

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In a sudden, a word crossed through the mind.


Everyone hear it, but unable to remember.
Everyone try to explain it, but unable to imagine.
Why? Because it does not exist anywhere.

No, it does exist.
That is, in a certain imaginary area that rejects everything.

A vague place, one with nothing.
Narrow, yet broad. Tall, yet short.
As if it was a dump where strong thoughts and severed possibilities gather.

There used to be a custodian for it. Before one knows, he became strongly longed for the outside of Astral and created "Entelechia", the first area outside of Astral. Eventually, the dweller that spontaneously appeared in the "Entelechia" created the second area "Dynamis", and he himself begin to create the third area to compete with the "Dynamis". To prepare for the environment, he tried to escape from the Astral. However, in the midst of his dream, he failed to prove his own existence due to abandoning the control of Astral and disappeared....
And thus, there were none who knew about Astral.

When multitude of thoughts arrived here, they will be engulfed by overwhelming "Void" and disappear without being able to prove their existence.
Weak dragons, who lost their dignity and had their ego collapsed after losing the Dingir-Dragon Wars, also went astray into the Astral and were forced to disappear one by one.

Yet, there are exceptions for everything.
There was one thing that never disappeared, even in the Astral.

That is, the thought of a girl who thirst for life while being denied by life.
Denied across the times, denied across the dimension, but still struggling to deny her denial of existence, the thought of the strong girl is accumulating.

One time, one of the weak dragon met the thought of the strong girl in its desperation and fear of disappearance, and suddenly escaped from the binding of "Void". Awoken to the truth, the weak dragons scrambled and flocked to the thought of the strong girl.
Dragons that has acquired strength decided to settle in the Astral and nestle around the thought of the strong girl.

Eons has passed since then—

The thought of the girl, after being denied of existence for a countless time, at last became an individual. Worshiped by the strong dragons as "Dragon Princess", the girl was strongly affected by the influence of dragon during the course of her formation as an individual, and came to possess the power of dragon.
Acquired her ego, the princess wished to know her own roots and took a glimpse into the causality itself.
The one she felt the most connection with is "Azumi Kagamihara".

The princess realized during the course of her observation.
The misfortune of the Five Worlds that ends with their countless destruction, all at the mercy of the Dingir. "Azumi Kagamihara" getting caught in those misfortunes and quickly losing her life, no matter the continuum. And finally, that girl admiration for life is the very thing that created herself...!

The princess thought to herself.
She want to save the exceedingly helpless Five Worlds.

Nevertheless, Astral is a "Void". As long as she is there, she is also a "Void".
In order to prove her own existence, the princess attempted to access into "Azumi Kagamihara". By chance, that girl has acquired the breath of dragon which makes her seemed easy to contact, yet this ended in failure.
This is because "Azumi Kagamihara" also received the influence of Dingir that conflicted with the dragon.

The next highest affinity existed in the continuum known as White World.
The princess successfully prove her existence by joining herself with the causality of the angel "Barbiel". After combining their consciousness, the princess break through the confine of Astral and initiate her actions together with multitude of dragons.

"Fighting is bad"

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