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Asipu (討ち祓う者(アシピユ) Ashipu) is the designation given to those who are able to reduce the influence of Dingir.

As with the Puluhtu, they are treated as a subset of and included in the Dingir Tribe in the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, complete with the Dingir character for "ASIPU" on the right side of the card and a regular Tribe as their secondary Tribe. They also possessed a slightly different Dingir icon on the left side of the card frame.

"Demon-Slaying Arrow, Gandiva", and the Dingir character for "ASIPU"

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Those who has become able to shoot the "Arrow of Purification" through Tsubasa Ikaruga, the envoy of Dingir Enki. They are unique existences that can actively lower the Depth of "Qillatu".

Due to the nature of that ability, those who become "Asipu" at the present time are limited to the experts of bow and arrow. Also, even though they indirectly pledged with Dingir Enki, their heart and souls are not corrupted.

"28 July 2020" addition

Strike from the "Asipu" are proved to deal an effective blow against the immortal Dingir as well in the Exorcision War.


"Asipu" is a term given to exorcist or special priest that performed purification against demons and magicians in the Ancient Mesopotamian religion. The base kanji for Asipu (討ち祓う者 Uchiharau Mono) literally means "the one who exorcises".

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