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Asagi (アサギ Asagi) is the protagonist for the then indefinitely postponed Nippon Ichi Sofftware game, Makai Wars. She has made cameo appearances in various Nippon Ichi Software games.

In Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, there are several cards with "Asagi" in its card name, with the majority of them also have "Asagi" (アサギ) listed as its tribe. The first of them were "Permanent Hidden Character, Asagi" from Set 3, which is quickly followed by the promotional cards from Z/X - Crusade of the Absolute Boundary and many more from NIS Extra Pack and its sequel.

Asagi cards are mostly Blue with various kind of abilities. Some (if not most) of her cards also makes fun of her longtime desire to become a protagonist on her own game.

List of "Asagi" cards

Cards with [Asagi] as its tribe

Color Name Type Cost Power
Blue High-Spirited Asagi Z/X 2 2500
Blue Beach Asagi Z/X 8 10500
Blue Expressionless Asagi Z/X 5 7000
Blue Cheerful Asagi Z/X 3 4500
Blue Pajama Asagi Z/X 3 5000
Blue Vow to Become Main Character, Asagi Z/X 5 8000
Blue Aim to Shoot, Asagi Z/X 6 7500
Blue Uniform Asagi Z/X 3 5000
Blue Aim to Be Main Character! Asagi Z/X 7 10500
Blue Dozing Asagi Z/X 2 3500
Blue Floating Asagi Z/X 3 5000
Blue Holding a Bread, Asagi Z/X 4 6500
Blue Asagi's War Preparation Z/X 3 4500
Blue Eternal Next Main Character, Asagi Z/X 7 10000
Blue Seaside Queen, Asagi Z/X 4 6000
Blue Kung Fu Lady, Asagi Z/X 5 7500
Blue Flawless Main Character Candidate, Asagi Z/X EX 7 10500
Blue Supporting Asagi Z/X 3 4500
Blue During Break, Asagi Z/X 3 4500

Other cards with "Asagi" in its card name

Color Name Type Tribe Cost Power
Blue Permanent Hidden Character, Asagi Z/X Battle Dress 6 10000
Blue Asagi Go Fight! Z/X Battle Dress 5 7000
Green Stubborn Prinny, Asagi Z/X Prinny 4 5000
Blue Asagi Metamorphose Player - - -
Blue Asagi Player - - -

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