List of hoaxes that was posted on Z/X official site during April Fools' Day in 2020.

The Genius Strategist and The 13 Sisters

The Genius Strategist Mikado Kurosaki, who disappeared after protected his comrades from Demon King Satan's Diabolical Beam, is discovered to be alive. His thirteen sisters decided to rescue him, who is currently imprisoned inside the Cthulhu's "Dreamworld" by the mysterious organization "S·O·L", within 86400 seconds.

The list of the sisters is as follows. Initially, only 10 out of the 13 sisters are revealed. The 10th, 8th, and the 13th sister are revealed 6, 12, and 19 hours after the initial announcement, respectively.

Beside Mikado and the thirteen sisters, two additional characters also make their appearance.

  • Mammon, a girl who called herself as Mikado's "soul sister".
  • Neo Schuster Luna, a girl who called herself as Mikado's "true sister".

This announcement is notable for revealing new illustrations from upcoming products (most notably from Extra Pack 21) and introducing the Idealize Enjoy Deck for Mikado Kurosaki after the whole announcement is finished. Moreover, a complete version of the Enjoy Deck with the addition of a new Shift card is announced as Point Campaign exchange prize a day after the announcement.

SHiFT Rival Unit "Idearai'z"

Three brothers—Yamato Tennoji, Suguru Tennoji, and Reia Tennoji—form a long awaited musical unit, "Idearai'z" (『異弟亜雷'z(イデアライズ)Idearaizu) to challenge the SHiFT with enka. In addition, their first album and official goods are also revealed.

The characters' designation as Nerima Brothers might be a reference to the Nerima Daikon Brothers anime.

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