List of hoaxes that was posted on Z/X official site during April Fools' Day in 2014.

Mikado Kurosaki is the Important Person of the 5 Futures

An extra Z/X News revealed that Mikado Kurosaki was an important figure in all five future worlds and the "Parallel World - Chapter M.K." story will be started on Booster 12: Doll Princess of the Demonic Poison. There is also an advertising for a built-to-order 1/1 scale figure of Black Moon of Abyss, Almotaher on the news page.

The artwork featured on the "scoop" were later used for "Mikado Kurosaki" Player card from the Black Box Opening Campaign.

Extra Pack 5: Midsummer Sea's Catfight

Extra Pack 5: Midsummer Sea's Catfight (真夏(まなつ)(うみ)大決闘(きゃっとふぁいと) Manatsu no Umi no Kyattofaito) is announced to be released on 13 August 2015. All characters that appear on the pack will be illustrated with swimsuit. Not only the girls, but also the boys, the mechas, and the insects. All cards included on the packs will also be 3D cards, including the Hologram Rare.

The CVR card is a 3D "Swimsuition Kubota" (ミズギッション久保田 Mizugisshon Kubota) card that will be signed by the person himself if asked during tournament. In addition, the initial produced carton of this set will contain a randomly included "industry first" three-dimensional rubber playmat, with 5 different design based on the 5 characters on the set's main visual.

This joke set is not to be confused with the real Extra Pack 5, which also uses the same art piece and tagline.

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