List of hoaxes that was posted on Z/X official site during April Fools' Day in 2014.

New Ability - "IGOB"

A new ability will be revealed in Akihabara Z/X Stream 2014 Spring. The new ability is called Ignition Overboost (イグニッション・オーバーブースト Igunisshon Ōbābūsuto) or IGOB and said to be the form manifested from the "union" between the bonds of Player and the Partner Z/X. The ability will made its appearance in Booster 9: Samsara of the Helix Dragon (螺旋竜の輪廻 Rasenyū no Rinne).

This ability and the resulted "union" it is inspired by the similar concept from the manga version of Z/X. Artworks for the resulted "union" were later used for the Player cards included in the sealed boxes of the real Booster 9.

Booster 23 later includes three Z/X cards with similar concept to this ability. Then, Ignition Overboost itself was announced during a livestream in February 2018 as a new mechanic included in Booster 24, four years after its initial announcement.

IG Kubota Figure

Z/X official site announced that Ignition Kubota will be turned into figure as the fourth Z/X figures after Azumi Kagamihara, Sword Sniper, Rigel, and Seven Deadly Sins - Devil of Lust, Luxuria. The prototype bust of the figure is also shown.

Celeb Deck - Unexplored Golden Country

Z/X official site announced a new kind of product called Celeb Deck - Unexplored Golden Country (セレブデッキ「未踏(みとう)黄金郷(おうごんきょう)Serebu Dekki "Mitō no Ōgonkyō"). This deck will be a built-to-order based product and offered for 50000 JPY (54000 JPY including tax).

The deck is comprised of 15 different cards for 51 cards total, including a supposed new "Sieger" card. All cards comes as Hologram Rare and created using "special anti-bacterial method" while the deck case itself is created from selected Connolly Leather. In addition, it also comes with a hardcover rulebook containing the latest comprehensive rules.

Number Rarity Name Japanese Name Quantity Notes
C10-001 IGR Ayase Kamiyugi 上柚木綾瀬 1
C10-002 SR Frenzied Splitting Claw, Sieger 狂乱の裂斬爪ズィーガー 4 Celeb Deck exclusive card
C10-003 R Sword Dancer, Regulus ソードダンサー レグルス 4
C10-004 R Mirage Dagger, Bellatrix ミラージュダガー ベラトリクス 4
C10-005 C Valiant Collider, Castor ヴァリアントコレダー カストル 2
C10-006 R Pierce Machine, Penetrate 貫通機械ペネトレイト 4
C10-007 R Transformed Pyramid, Trigold 金字変形トライゴルド 4
C10-008 R Life Collector, Schlacht 命の回収者シュラハト 4
C10-009 R Wailing Girl, Banshee 嘆きの少女バンシー 4
C10-010 R Devil of Vengeance, Ultio 復讐の魔人ウルティオー 1
C10-011 R Girl of Illusion Path, Alice 途惑いの少女アリス 4
C10-012 UC Devil of Ruins, Ruina 廃墟の魔人ルイーナ 4
C10-013 SR Ruin-Hell Dragon, Destiny Bane 滅獄竜デスティニーベイン 4
C10-014 SR Rustling Anko サラサラするアンコ 3
C10-015 R The Cat Returns 猫の恩返し 4

This product later inspired the creation of various product such as Special Deck - Treasure of the Darkness Dragon (which also has similar concept and decklist) and the synthetic leather deck case produced by Broccoli (which has similar design). In addition, the artwork used for the deck main visual is later used on the cover of Z/X Ignition Blu-ray & DVD Volume 2 and its accompanying promotional cards.

SotuMika Broadcasting Station

Main article: SotuMisa Broadcasting Station 06 Chapter Mie - Sera

SotuMisa Broadcasting Station is temporarily changed into SotuMika Broadcasting Station with Mikado Kurosaki replacing Misaki Yuzuriha as one of the hosts. Also, the guest for that episode is changed from Phecda to Sera Kurashiki.

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