List of hoaxes that was posted on Z/X official site during April Fools' Day in 2013.

Booster 4 Name Change

After receiving "various scolding, threat, and passionate demand from everyone" and as a result of "careful consideration", Broccoli decides to hurriedly changes the name of Booster 4 into Revenge of Kurosaki God (黒崎神の逆襲 Kurosaki Shin no Gyakushū).

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Also, the Daily Z/X Library on that day revealed that Ignition Kubota Player card would be included in the sealed box of Booster 4 as the 6th Player card.

Important Notice from Mikado Kurosaki - Part 3

Part of the series of announcement by Mikado Kurosaki. This time, Mikado announced that he is the Set 1 protagonist that would be turned into figure in "Anime Contents Expo 2013".

TCG Personification Manga Serialization

Z/X official site announced that they would serialized the TCG gijinka manga, "Zeks-kun Sales Promotion Strategy" by Saisou on its website. In addition, two new promotional cards based on the series will be distributed.

One particular card, Sky Galleon-chan, is unique due to its ability to modify the playing field similar to the one used in Sky Galleon TCG.

Sky Galleon-chan
Icon Black Black / Z/X / Diabolus / Cost 6 / Power 9000
[Always] If your Player is "Zeks-kun", the number of Squares is changed from 3 x 3 into 6 x 3. (The middle Square nearest to each player becomes the Player Square.)

Collaboration with Uta no ☆Prince-sama♪

Ren Jinguji from Uta no Prince-sama would make an appearance as a new protagonist in Z/X. Moreover, the minisite presents the previous 10 protagonists as visual novel character (for some reason, Sera Kurashiki's name is mistakenly written as "Serase Kurashiki").

Ren Jinguji and Ultimate Eternal Dragon (with modified effect) later made another appearances in Set 6 as official, playable card.

Ultimate Eternal Dragon
Icon Black Black / Z/X / Cruel Dragon / Cost 8 / Power 10500
[Boot] <[6 Black]> If your Player is "Ren Jinguji", destroy all Z/X on Normal Square except this card. This ability cannot be used if the opposing Player card is a girl character.

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