Alter Force (アルターフォース Arutā Fōsu) is a keyword ability that activates when the card with this ability appear on Square. This ability will move a card from the Trash and put it face-up under the card with this ability as a Force. All cards with this ability will also have another Force-related ability, making this ability essential to provide the Force for said abilities. The current reminder text of Alter Force ability is shown below:

【自】 アルターフォースこのカードが登場した時、あなたのトラッシュにあるカードを1枚フォースとしてこのカードの下に表向きで置いてよい。

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The ability that said to be invoked when the wish of Card Device user and Dragon Miko connected as one--

"Ignition Overdrive"

The ability that invoked by Green Dragon Miko, Kushuru's desire for evolution that transcend the death--
"Evol Seed"

And then, the ability that invoked by Red Dragon Miko, Meiraru's prayer for the awakening of strong heroes--
"Alter Force"

The Card Device that was developed by Administrator Polaris to react with the wish of Dragon Miko, also shown to react with the desire and prayer of the other world Dragon Miko, which should have been an irregular existence.

This world is turning into a violent world of wars, what color of future that it will push unto?

Comprehensive Rules

1107 Alter Force

  • 1107.1 Alter Force ability is an automatic ability that creates a connection between a card and a Force.
  • 1107.2 "Alter Force" means "When this card appears, you may choose a card in your Trash, and move it to the zone as a Force that connected to this card."

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