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Alter Break (アルターブレイク Arutā Bureiku) is a keyword ability that was introduced in Booster 36: Code:Eldersign - Evolve "Alter Break". It is also the the nickname for Z/X that possessed this ability.

Similar to other ability-granting keyword abilities, Alter Break is written as "Alter Break [Text]" in the card text, and if the Z/X with this ability is in Break state, the ability written on the [Text] portion will become available.

The current reminder text of Alter Break is shown below:


Alter Break (Available if this card is in Break State.)

For the list of all cards with Alter Break ability, see Category:Alter Break.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

For some Z/X, their current situation is the best or perhaps better. On the top of that, "Alter" is an illusion that embodied the circumstances that might become real depending on the choices of the Z/X or their partner, especially the "what-if condition" that has reached a bad end.

Alter is the trauma and weakness of the Z/X itself. Its very existence deludes the real one, weakens, averted their eyes, and eventually attempts to take their place. The Dream Key cannot be expected to have any protective effect against mental contamination released by the one who reigned at the top of White World with irregular strength. The only countermeasure is the voice of their partner, who had overcame hardships together with them.

If the pair has built a strong and trusting relationship, the voice will destroy (Break) the illusion (Alter) and take the Z/X to further heights.

Comprehensive Rules

1121 Alter Break

  • 1121.1 Alter Break ability is an ability with continuing effect that becomes available if the card with the ability meet a specific requirement.
  • 1121.2 Alter Break ability is written in the form of "Alter Break [Text] ". This ability becomes available if there is a face-down Force associated to this card.
  • 1121.3 The ability that was made available by Alter Break ability only becomes available (803.1) if it met its specific requirements as shown in the [Text].

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