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Alter (アルター Arutā) is an ability possessed by Uriel.

In the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, it is also the nickname for the series of Z/X with Life Recovery ability that all have "Alter" in their names. Each of them are target for "Break Event" Event Extra, and most of them are also derived from the nightmare caused by the "Alter" ability in the story.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A great archangel possessed extraordinary powers. Those are "Super Deja Vu", "Temporal Upstream", and "Memory Reincarnation".

The fate suddenly changed the day Black Point connected the present with the 5 future worlds.

With "Super Deja Vu", he repeatedly saw the nightmare where his beloved die.
With "Temporal Upstream", he tried to find a way for his beloved to survive.
With "Memory Reincarnation", he planted a different personality to his beloved.

Despite making a painful decision to part with his beloved due to his love, he was never freed from the bad end nightmare where his beloved was killed by a blue giant robot. Before long, the sleepless archangel was exhausted, perhaps because he tried to avoid the nightmare, perhaps because he lost himself in searching for possibilities. The foolish archangel, who keeps using the power given to him to fulfill his selfish desire, is a man known as "Uriel".

Nevertheless, his gentle heart, that loves the peace more than anyone else, is still true. As the apex of White World, he spreads his wounded wings to face against the gods that threaten his people. Finally, he succeeded in temporarily sealing the gods. His sacrifice was enough to give humanity some time to take countermeasures against the gods, or so it seems....

After the archangel disappeared beyond the Dynamis for a while— He returned as the black-winged "Dark Uriel" and committed numerous destruction in the White World that he once risked his life to protect. His despair, amplified and contaminated by the resentment towards humans and dragons within the surging divine presence in the Dynamis, could not be erased even after the gods has been exorcised.

Now, he is in the distant Dreamworld. But for what reason?

He agreed with the proposal of Sol to rewrite the hopeless history. To scatter despairing nightmare to all living person, from the land where dreams become reality.

To begin with, he targeted those who were related to or siding with the Cthulhu royal family in opposing Sol. The affected Z/X will encounter the figure of their bad end, the "Alter".

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