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Akatsuki Jutten (暁十天 Akatsuki Jutten, literally means "Dawn of Ten Heavens") is a group of ten special Gigantic created by one of the Three Wise Men.

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A young genius scientist at the "Kuzuryu Gakuin University" received orders from the "Hydra Foundation" to promote the "NOAH Project", ignoring the original plans of the project, he made full use of alchemy and successfully produced the new breed of humans, "Braver". This young man who eventually came to be called as one of the "Three Wise Men", in order to link his deceased younger sister's soul with her new body and resurrect her, continued to perform experiments to create more Braver...... But due to the poor result of the experiments, he gradually lost his sanity.

There was a female researcher who adored him like an older brother. Not only did the young man give her advice regarding her proposal about the technology to create the "Gigantic", he also managed to convince the Hydra Foundation to give her the funds necessary by making the Gigantic the sparring partner of the Braver to enhance their abilities, he loved this female researcher who was approximately the same age as his younger sister had she still been alive.

The female researcher found her heart breaking after watching the young man become obsessed with the resurrection of his sister, but continued to work with him on the field tests of the Braver using the Gigantic after moving to the South Africa base, but once the "Nine Great Heroes" Arthur escaped the research institute and started a revolt, she realized that the young man finally fell into insanity.

In order to stop the young man's research, the female researcher decided to create the "Akatsuki Jutten".

Eventually, the Akatsuki Jutten led an army of Gigantic to assault the research institute. Slipped into confusion, people stole the various technologies invented by the young man in the midst of chaos, while the rest of Nine Great Heroes that were pursuing Arthur ended up fighting the Akatsuki Jutten. After the institute's destruction, they scattered around the world, continuing to fight over who would become the supreme ruler of earth.

The technology to create the Gigantic has since become recognized, and the female researcher's name was accepted as one of the Three Wise Men alongside the young man, but her fate afterwards is unknown.


Name Cost Power
Akatsuki Jutten - Tahrir Hajis 7 10000
Akatsuki Jutten - Kuther Mashaq 5 7500
Akatsuki Jutten - Juzar Hatum 7 8500
Akatsuki Jutten - Matul Jurf 8 11000
Akatsuki Jutten - Edana Saufa 5 7500
Akatsuki Jutten - Khaleed Ghadab 3 4500
Akatsuki Jutten - Yaqtulu Ghaira 2 500
Akatsuki Jutten - Karahiya Dagina 4 6000
Akatsuki Jutten - Jarima Eiqab 6 8000
Akatsuki Jutten - Fazatan Haymana 7 10500

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