Administrator (アドミニストレータ Adominisutorēta) is the group of seven people who developed the supercomputer "Schuster".

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The seven genius engineers who developed the supercomputer "Schuster" that rules the Blue World, they are known as "Administrator".

Their bodies has been lost for a long time, but all their memories have been recorded to computers. When they appear before humans, it is only a remote controlled humanoid android called avatar. They are what one would call a data human.

Usually, the bodies of the Administrator are hidden together with the mirror copies of Schuster throughout the world, their whereabouts are unknown to one another. Also, each of them is guarded by a member of the Original XIII. The Original XIII that protect them can only be dispatched to the other place if a huge crisis is happening.

Vega Developer of the Original XIII. For some reason, she is obsessed with Azumi Kagamihara. Original XIII Type.I is her guardian.
Altair Co-developer of the Battle Dress. Details unknown. Guarded by Type.III.
Denebola Developer of the Killer Machine. She rack her brains over the Killer Machines' rampage. Guarded by Type.V.
Canopus Developer of the Metal Fortress. In order to create the ultimate machine, he makes Lawrencium and his fellow machines fight. Guarded by Type.VII.
Arcturus A person who understands and extending all sorts of technologies. He carries the dark side of the Blue World and works as Sol's right hand. Guarded by Type.IX.
Polaris She disagree with the fact that Schuster rules over the Blue World, and in order to oppose it, works together with scientists of the present world to develop the Card Device. Guarded by Type.XI.
Sol The main developer of Schuster design. All other details are unknown except that he is the leader of the Administrator. Guarded by Type.XIII.


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