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Absolute Boundary (絶界 Zekkai) is a keyword ability that was introduced in Booster 4: Assault of the Black Knight Deity.

All cards with this ability cannot be chosen as the target of card's effect by anyone, giving it protection against most harmful effects. On the other side, since Absolute Boundary specify that the card cannot be targeted by anyone, the player cannot choose it with the effect of their own cards either.

It should be noted that Absolute Boundary only applies if the card with this ability is currently on Square, and it does not prevent the card from being targeted in any other zones. Also, it only prevent effects that specify its target (i.e. ability with "choose" written in its text) so effects that does not specify its target (e.g. "Heavy Stone, Stone Turtle" or "Accessory-Selling Short-Hair") still affect it. The current reminder text of Absolute Boundary ability is shown below:

【常】 絶界【有効】 スクエア 【効果】 何人たりともこのカードをカードの効果で選ぶことはできない。)

[Always] Absolute Boundary ( <Valid> Square <Effect> This card cannot be chosen as target for card's effect by anyone.)

For the list of all cards that inherently have or able to grant the Absolute Boundary ability, see Category:Absolute Boundary.

Comprehensive Rules

1106 Absolute Boundary

  • 1106.1 Absolute Boundary ability is a continuous ability that affect the action of choosing card by effect.
  • 1106.2 "Absolute Boundary" means " <Valid> Square <Effect> If card(s) need to be chosen by the text 'choose [specific number of Z/X]' in any effect, this card cannot be chosen as the card chosen in that effect."
  • 1106.2a This ability is only applied (205.1a) if the card is on Square. If the card is in other zone, it can be chosen by effect.