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Abe no Seimei (安倍晴明 Abe no Seimei) is the Braver of the legendary onmyoji of the same name.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

"Strongest" Braver that uses Onmyo Arts.

Among their direct descendants who serves as the head of Domeki clan, invoking the soul of the founder was considered to be forbidden. But they finally appears in the closing days of the Red World where the law and order has collapsed, being revived after several hundreds of years. Although they received a youthful girl as vessel, the gender of the soul is unknown.

They brought the end to the Red World and went the present. They took over the base of Self-Defense Forces Kitakyūshū Army and made it as their own. Their purpose is unknown, but they didn't hesitate to hurt the others, and their ruthless nature is also reflected in the Shikigami that they employs. While they didn't belong to the Kitakyūshū Army, they are currently at war with Dakki and her Fox Spirit followers, and then with the military commanders led by Oda Nobunaga, all of which didn't approve of the rise of Abe no Seimei.

There are several "people with some kind of blood relationship" to them in Energeia and the five worlds. Polaris of the Blue World, Invidia of the Black World, and Z/X user Kisara Domeki was confirmed as one.

In addition, Kamiyugi family, which has produced a large number of scholars, is a branch family of Domeki. Their superior genes continues to be passed down to this day.

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