ε17 or Elementary 17 (Erementarī Sebuntīn) is the name given to a group of Metal Fortress specifically developed to interact with the other worlds.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Metal Fortress developed to provide "positive interaction with the other worlds" in the wake of the success of revolutionary war. They normally act as racing machine for entertainment, with other world enterprises providing funds as their sponsor. Only the first machine, Gluon, has its plan manufactured ahead, and donated to the Lycanthrope village as is. It also takes part in the rescue activities during the raid of Dragon King Hall.

Because of their very unique background, it is unlikely that the plan for all 17 machines will be completed. Naturally, they can also transform and act as battle weapon in the time of emergency.


All members of this group are named after one of the elementary particles.

Name Cost Power Elementary Particle
ε17 Polyphase Union, Gluon 6 9000 Gluon
ε17 Quark u 5 7500 Up Quark
ε17 Amphibious Transformation, Muon 4 6000 Muon
ε17 Strangeness 5 7500 Strange Quark
ε17 Resonance Soldier, Tau Ne 3 4500 Tau Neutrino
ε17 Lepton ν 4 6000 Lepton & Neutrino


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