side. YUI is one of the short story of Booster 13: Wind of Change. It tell the story of Blue Dragon Miko, Yui.


From the summit of radio tower, Yui gaze at the ground that stretches under her eyes.

"Blue World has accomplished a smart evolution at an extremely high speed. Now it's drawing near. The implementation of absolute regulation by machines"

"Yet, there are too many redundancy here nowadays"

"Although the interruption from those other possible worlds is already irritating, now our comrades are pulling each others leg, what's wrong with them?"

"Killer Machine's rampage, Mermaid's rebellion, disturbing movement underwater, Metal Fortress and Battle Dress equipped with meaningless AI and memory. There are too many to count"

"It seems that the mastermind are only several person. Looks like calculation by Schuster is just a matter of time"

"If that so, Yui will also fulfill her duty"

"The errors are still not corrected"

The wish of Blue Dragon Miko manifests, and becomes a new power.


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