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For the card, see "The One" (card).

"The One" (《最凶生物》 Za Wan, literally means "vilest being" or "the most evil being") is a special Braver whose existence is only known from rumor.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A Braver closest to being the strongest.

It was created in secret by one of the Three Wise Men who had fallen into madness by pouring all connections, assets, and wisdom he possessed. However, the other Three Wise Men who had caught the news beforehand promptly took their action, and by the sacrifice of their assistants, it was immediately frozen and sealed.

Since the incident did not leave any record behind, those who know about the existence of "The One" are close to none. The truth of the aforementioned details itself is uncertain, and almost everything is passed on as a seemingly plausible urban legend. ...Or so it seems.

Recently, the gossip about its so-called revival in Red World that was approaching their downfall begin to circulate.

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