Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Wiki

side. WYVERN is the prologue story of Booster 9: Awakening of the Champions. It was told through the perspective of Carl Wyvern.


My name is Carl Wyvern. A physicist researching the parallel worlds at North Arkham University. Recently, the Black Points has moved their activity base and crowded in Japan.

Well, after the outbreak of Black Points, the present that we lives in are connected to the 5 future worlds.
Therefore, it is a common knowledge that we coexist with the Z/X that appeared from the 5 future worlds.
Eventually, if any of the influence of the 5 future worlds rise to prominence, the futures will be converged to the future of that world.

However, influences from the contact with advanced, different civilizations is immeasurable. It is thought to be the cause of some unseen phenomenon such as the "awakening of power" and so on to combat the enemy tribes. If their struggle for power severely increased, it cannot be avoided anymore.

On the other hand, if all of the 5 future worlds open a new path of potential coexistence, the possibility of an extremely peaceful "6th future world" to appear is not zero.
It all depends on the choice of the singularity points.

I will tell you a specific example of what is this extremely peaceful "6th future world" like. This is only a hypothetical story however, a beauty contest is held, where various female-type Z/X participates to compete for one's beauty there.

"Why I cannot enter the winners' podium? It must be someone's plot!!"

"Is this the feeling called happiness...? Or is this anxiety...? I don't understand..."

"I admired the level of the participants' feminine abilities. Please receive this wind of blessing from me"

"I have become the winner because of everyone! Everyone, I love you-♪"

"Soma, Soma! I received a year's worth of namahage as the third prize! Is it delicious?"


...... Oops, my bad, my bad.
If L found out that I have built such a worldly-tainted hypothesis like this, will I lose my dignity as a father?
You, I earnestly ask you to keep the secret about this matter.